• Spend most of the time on road, so does your brand
• Caters to ABC1C2DE audiences making your brand visible to al
• Longer visibility of the brand gives it a fair chance to make a lasting impact on the audience and flaunt its potential, instead of giving it a few seconds on TV or Radio or a small corner in a huge Newspaper
• This platform is more cost effective than any other form of advertising, considering the long duration for which your brand stays in the public eye, its production and execution.

On Print(Newspaper and Magazines)

• Effective for the educated class only
• Not every household subscribes to all Newspapers and Magazines
• Placed along with many other ads
• Print media is a costly affair
• Reaches only a very small section of society

Advertising with us is an on-vehicle advertising business for DELHI. We have allocated more than 1lac commercial vehicles for advertising in India.

Advertisements on cars, buses and autos, being new and unusual, are attracting more eyes, as opposed to other mediums that have become so commonplace that people hardly register their presence anymore.

Most of our vehicles are taxis, Spending over 95% of their time in the city center they target mass volumes of consumers with exterior branding whilst getting up close and personal with valuable ABC1 audiences inside the cab – over 80% of this group can instantly recall a brand they have seen using taxi advertising.

By marketing with us you will be able to organize your mobile marketing campaigns all over India. We can right away provide advertising space on more than 10000 cars in major cities. We also provide advertising on PRINT MEDIA.

With us you can display ad stickers on any part of the vehicle’s body. The prices may vary with city and area of car’s body covered with ads. The final price can be negotiated according to size and duration of campaign. You can change stickers as per requirement during the campaign on a 30 days notice.

Please also note that we can arrange upto 2000 commercial vehicles in any city pan-India on 30 days notice.
It will be our privilege to be associated with you.

With us you can advertise on taxis and news pape and magazines in any part of the country. We are present in more than 200 cities covering almost all major Tier 1,2 and 3 cities. Our scale and scope enables us to provide the most competitive services to our clients.

We are the only agency which provides all India on-vehicles advertising services.

You can quickly gain brand recognition in the cities by advertising with us on commercial vehicles.